Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Par-tay!

On September the 20th, the Council@Burnham will be having a party to celebrate the holiday season. Come for snacks and a grab bag. Best of all, it's completely free. However, to participate in the grab bag, you must bring a gift (worth up to 10.00 dollars)

So, the only question is, when and where?

Where?: Burnham Library Junior Room
When?: 11:00

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marley and Me

This Christmas Day, December 25th that is, be sure to check out the film version the best selling domestic dog documentary Marley and Me. The book was great and hopefully so will the movie!

Charlie Bone and the Shadow

Charlie Bone and the Shadow was an amazing book. It was the next book in the Charlie Bone series. If you haven't already read this series by Jenny Nimmo, you have to. This book did seem to be a bit short, but it ended with such suspense! Charlie Bone and the Shadow did include a great mix of tragedy, cliff-hangers, and action. There were surprises on every page, and the on-going theme of the picture traveler carries on throughout the detailed, and perilous plot of this awesome book.

Twilight Movie

The Twilight movie was very good and for the most part stayed to the plot of the books. A few parts were different such as nothing about pepper spray happened in the book. While in the movie Bella tried to use pepper spray on James. Stephenie Meyer was in the movie. She was in the diner and the waitress came up to her and said "Here's your coffee Stephenie".


The holidays are fast approaching and the Burnham Library has recieved a large quantity of holiday spirit! That means decorations, story books and activities! Make sure to stop by before the season is past.